Product Review: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls






Wash N Go – A Fluffy Soft Curl – For People Who Don’t Want Ramen Noodle Definition And Instead Want A Larger Expanded Curl

Description: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls is a styling lotion that has medium thickness in consistency. It has a fresh, clean, heavenly scent for those who are into how their products smell.

Process: I did a wash-n-go with this product, but I’m not a fan of this styling method on my hair. Once it dried I put it up in “puff” or pineapple. But what I did notice when I finger combed the product through my wet hair was that it was easy to glide through and it helped to elongate my hair while wet. I can’t say the same for when my hair started to dry (the main reason, I’m not a fan of wash-n-gos on my hair).

Packaging: It comes in a 8.5 fluid ounce tube that is squeezable for easy access to the product. The packaging has blue detailing with pink letters.



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Naturalista Spotlight with Aliya Jones



Name and Age?

Aliya Jones, 20

Why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural because I got sick of relaxers breaking my hair off.

How has your natural hair journey been? (childhood til now)

My natural hair journey has been interesting to say the least. The first six years of my life I was natural but my hair became too thick for my mom to handle so she relaxed it. My hair then broke off and when it grew back it stayed the same length all the way through high school. When I graduated high school, I cut my hair to a cute bob and began transitioning for six months. Because my natural roots and permed ends became hard to manage, I braved the big chop. Now I am about a year and a half in and loving it.

When was the moment you fell in love with or accepted your natural hair? Explain.

I began falling in love with my natural hair around March of 2013. After the big chop, I had family members and so-called friends who hated my hair and it took a toll on me big time. I began to watch natural hair videos on youtube where women who don’t necessarily have “fine” hair loved their hair and weren’t afraid to show it. I realized being natural was liberating and fun!

What have you learned about your hair since you’ve been in college?
Since being in college, I’ve learned that my hair is very versatile. I can do so much with it than I thought. I love it!


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Hollywood Makeups & Breakups

Summer is the season of hookups, flings, breakups, and sometimes the beginning of new starts. In Hollywood, this is no different. Will they make it through? Is this just a fly-by-night romance, or what? These are a few questions that pop culture junkies, or anyone interested ask themselves. Here are a few makeups and breakups that have been under the radar.

Ariana Grande & Big Sean

Ariana broke up with Jai Brooks, and Big Sean didn’t marry Naya Rivera, so why not right? These two just have an undeniable chemistry that you can’t help but love. They collaborated on multiple songs together, and always have nothing but nice words about each other. She sings, he raps; they’ll make nothing but beautiful music together. Plus, there’s already been rumors about them going on dates and kissing.

Why they’ll work: Big Sean is older, and marriage minded. Ariana has had her share of little boys (Jai Brooks, Nathan Sykes), she needs an older man. She’s a mature 21-year-old who also likes to have fun. And if the lyrics to their new song, Best Mistake, doesn’t give away their adoration for each other, I don’t know what will.

Break up, make up. Total waste of time. Can we please make up our minds? And stop acting like we’re blind

Ciara & Future

When Ciara and Future got together, most were excited about the pairing. They seemed to be able to hold each other down and be a good fit. But a few weeks ago Ciara posted a picture of her and baby Future on vacay, without big Future. This started the speculation about the couple being on the rocks. Now, apparently Future cheated on Ciara while he was on tour, and their engagement is over. What a shocker *sarcasm*.

Why they didn’t work: If a man has [insert number here] kids with multiple women, what makes you think having one with him is gonna lock him down into being your husband. Also, everything with them happened so fast: got together, became engaged, had baby. Slow down.

Danity Kane

So the smash summer hit, Lemonade, and the No Filter tour wasn’t enough to keep Danity Kane together. They went from 5 members, to 4 members, to DK3. Long story short, Dawn and Aubrey had an altercation, which left two against one, Shannon and Aubrey against Dawn. Apparently, Dawn hit Aubrey. But Aubrey is always talking smack, so she probably deserved it (not that I condone physical abuse). But Danity Kane, you had a good run.

Why they didn’t work: It was set up to fail from the jump. Name one Making the Band group that is still together or making music or successful? Also, no one ever had the same vision in the group. It’s sad because Danity Kane could have made it so far.

Hairfinity Hype: 7 Months Progress

10597420_818968274810660_1747562102_n 5.34.36 PM

I’m hesitant to say that I have not received length because I have, but not as noticeable as I would have thought, or liked it to be. I also cannot say no because with my type 4 hair, shrinkage is real. But let this not discouraged you, I do believe Hairfinity does work. Patience is key. We all know natural hair can be a pain sometimes, but it doesn’t hurt to try new things.

Once I finish my seventh bottle, in celebration of not straightening my hair or using heat for seven months, I’ll straighten it to see how much growth I have gained. And then I will truly be able to see if I have gained the length I have been striving for.

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote about a month ago about my experience with Hairfinity. To read the whole article, click here.

So far, I have been taking Hairfinity for 7 months. And during those seven months, I have been alternating between my natural hair and protective hairstyles. Most of the time being in protective hairstyles (my favorite being Marley twists).



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Hair Crush: Solange


Solange Knowles, nicknamed “Solo”, is solely a fashion, style, and hair icon aside from her sister, Beyoncé. Her quirky, fun loving spirit that matches her carefree hairstyles is what makes her the perfect hair crush. Whether she’s rocking her ‘fro, braids, havana twists, or natural wigs and weaves, she’s always…


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Movie Review: “Get On Up”

Film Title: Get on Up


Grade: A

The breakout star of biopics, Chadwick Boseman (“42”) succeeds with another life story of a famous legend. This time he traded in his baseball bat and cleats for a mic and a relaxer as James Brown, the “Godfather of Soul,” in “Get On Up,” directed by Tate Taylor (“The Help”).

The movie is orchestrated in a not-so-typical order of events, switching back and forth between different times in Brown’s adult and youth life. Although the timeline is nonlinear, it certainly meshes into a well-produced movie. The back-and-forth element provides an understanding of Brown’s life. It also provides mystery to the multiple storylines that answer the question, “Who is James Brown?”


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CURLY IN COLLEGE: Natural Hair Slang & Terminology


Being a natural isn’t hard enough with having to figure out a hair routine, understanding your hair texture, doing research, and so much more. But there’s added pressure to know all the “slang” or terminology that goes along with being a naturalista. There are some words and phrases that are more obvious than others, but there are certain ones where you’re like,wtf?! No worries, we’ve got you girl! Here’s a few naturalista slang words and phrases that will have you hip in no time.

Banding: A styling technique used to prevent hair shrinkage. You gather the hair into one ponytail or several smaller ones, using elastic bands to secure the hair, one after the other, all the way down to the ends, (or near the ends) of the hair. Bands are left in for a period of time or until the hair is dry.

Bantu Knots: A hairstyle created by twisting hair sections in one direction until they wrap into neat knots. The knots are often secured near the scalp with bobby or hair pins.

BC (Big Chop): Cutting off all relaxed portions of the hair, leaving only natural growth.

CG (Curly Girl): CG is an abbreviation for “Curly Girl,” a book written by Lorraine Massey and Michele Bender.



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